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Chocolate Gift for Corporations

$40 plus tax and S&H

As the Christmas caroling becomes louder, it is time to start thinking about giving something memorable, unique, and dare we say delicious, to your employees.

What better way is there to say, “Thank You!” than to treat them to a gorgeously delectable Christmas chocolate gift? Our customizable chocolate gifts are ideal for this holiday season, featuring the familiar retro Santa Claus, warm vintage style, and traditional Christmas décor.

Open a beautiful box to these finely crafted creations for an unforgettable sweet experience.

With the rosy cheeks of Santa Claus on these creative and sweet chocolate treats, the stress of this past year melts away with every inviting bite.

Drizzle NYC offers the perfect option for corporation or business gifts with our vintage imagery, personalized writing in edible ink TO and FROM, and optional Christmas card greetings. For a little extra, add on a printed Christmas card with the logo of the company.

Let your employees know they are appreciated this Christmas season!

4516969_Artboard copy.png

These creative and festive Decorative Chocolate Gifts include:

2 vintage edible paper images for a chocolate bar

Personalized TO and FROM wording

Customizable holiday décor

Shipped in beautiful box with clear lid & ribbon


(Additional) printed greeting Christmas cards from the company with logo

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