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Perfect for team-building 

corporate events and more!

I will ship to you everything you need for the workshop for as many participants as you need.

I can send to one location or many!

We will then meet for a delicious, interactive Zoom workshop, where we prepare beautiful chocolate art.


Birthday DIY Chocolate Kits

It’s time to celebrate YOU! 24 hours filled with infectious laughter as your loved ones come
together, beautifully-thought-out gifts from your nearest and dearest, and the excitement in the air
as we celebrate your next chapter. And, we can’t forget… the ultimate day to indulge in your
favourite sweet treats!

Make your birthday your own, by indulging in our one-of-a-kind birthday kits, including our
chocolate workshop! Yes, you heard that right, for those with a sweet tooth, it’s the ultimate
birthday surprise.

We have kits for the fashion-forward, the futuristic among us who love robots & clocks,
tyrannosaurs-enthusiasts, and simple faces, so you can create your favorite emojis. And don’t worry,
our workshop can take place over either zoom or a tutorial video, so it’s the perfect stay-at-home
activity for all of the family!


So, what exactly does this entail?


We’re so glad you asked!

Our DIY Chocolate Craft Kits allow your creativity and imagination to shine, with the added bonus of getting to sample your delicious creations once your masterpiece is ready.


From modeling chocolate to sculpting dough to shaping your edible decorations, we’ll provide everything you need for a birthday to remember. Just don’t forget to take those all-important snaps!


Whether you’re right here in NYC, or in the far corners of the states, we can send a kit straight toyour door! A firm favorite, our edible art sets make the perfect gifts… after all, who doesn’t love chocolate?!

Playtime Kits

While discovering my own passion for chocolate through my creative playtime I decided this joy
is something I just cannot keep to myself. I created a DIY chocolate product that would bring a
childlike joyful experience to any and all chocolate lovers. This delicious activity is a wonderful
way to spend some quality time away from technology and to feed the artist within you.
Whether you purchase this kit as a gift or dare treat yourself to some fun, these chocolate art
projects are designed to bring people together. Nothing says love quite as sweetly as chocolate.

This year has made us feel distance from one another in a way we could have never imagined.
Stay connected and let someone know you are thinking of them with one of our kits. Pick up
one of our birthday kits, or special themed holiday kits, and let us forward your love to your
family and friends.

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