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Medical Associates Holiday Chocolate Gifts

The holidays are almost upon us, meaning there’s no better time to show gratitude for the frontline medical professionals who have proved themselves as selfless heroes this year.


2020 is the year of coming together. A time to reflect, and be thankful for our blessings - nobody more so than the healthcare professionals who have worked tirelessly to keep our communities safe, going above and beyond for patients everywhere.


I am Moran, the owner of Drizzle Inc., I am an award winning chocolate artist from NYC who creates magical chocolate gifts for any event and holiday. 


As the ultimate pick-me-up, I am offering medical institutions the opportunity to purchase edible gifts for their staff this Christmas/ New Year, to show how much you appreciate and value your healthcare teams.

4516969_Artboard copy.png

As a heartfelt ‘thank you’, we would love to offer our bespoke chocolates to medical professionals at a fraction of our usual costs. With prices as low as $16 per gift ($9 off), medical institutes are free to purchase a thoughtful gift for each and every member of their team, without going over budget. You can also include a custom greeting card to each gift with your company logo! 

I’d love for medical professionals to be able to put down the stethoscope and take a few moments to indulge in decorative chocolate gifts. For medical staff in hospitals, clinics and medical institutions across the nation, I am offering a small token of appreciation for your employees, for their endless loyalty, hard work, dedication and humanity, throughout the relentless COVID-19 pandemic.


With Christmas and New Year on the horizon, personalized gifts convey the words that don’t always get said. Branding the phrase "LOYALTY COMPASSION HEROIC" or simply "YOU.", is a small, magical gift, to bring a well-deserved smile to your employees’ faces, with the added bonus of tasting irresistible.



Symptoms: Being an all-around hero. Prescription: Drizzle NYC delights.

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