My name is Moran and I am a chocolate artist.

As a child I would spend many hours in my grandfather’s workshop, watching him create and craft all sorts of wonderful things. I knew one day I too would become an artist. My passion for art and my creative nature led me to focus my studies on art and design. I love all forms of art. I
feel that creativity is the most honest form of expression. A journey that begins deep inside you and makes its way through your mind and heart eventually pouring out through your hands into a form that holds a piece of you inside of it.

Out of all the mediums I have experimented with, chocolate is the most special.


I wasn’t interested in becoming a chocolatier or pastry chef, I was fascinated by chocolate as a molding and sculpting substance. How could I use chocolate in my creating and art?When I first started creating with chocolate, I experimented with unique flavor profiles and pairing fresh herbs with a variety of chocolates. As my curiosity grew, I found myself engaging in more playtime and developing my style and technique as a chocolate artist. My first great success with chocolate came in the form of my Chocolate Fashionistas. I molded fashion figure chocolate pops that won awards at The Big Chocolate Show in New York in theInnovative/ New Noteworthy category, earning both a silver and a gold medal. After participating in several chocolate shows and embracing the positive responses to my work I realized I need to share my passion.


My love for chocolate and the satisfaction I gain from my chocolate playtime has led me to create my company and my mission to provide some delicious, unique, and joyful fun for everyone.


While discovering my own passion for chocolate through my creative playtime I decided this joy is something I just cannot keep to myself. I created a DIY chocolate product that would bring a childlike joyful experience to any and all chocolate lovers. This delicious activity is a wonderful
way to spend some quality time away from technology and to feed the artist within you. 
Whether you purchase this kit as a gift or dare treat yourself to some fun, these chocolate art projects are designed to bring people together. Nothing says love quite as sweetly as chocolate.

This year has made us feel distance from one another in a way we could have never imagined. Stay connected and let someone know you are thinking of them with one of our kits. Pick up one of our birthday kits, or special themed holiday kits, and let us forward your love to your family and friends.

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