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Employee Experience and Team Building Chocolate Workshop:

In a remote world, we offer an opportunity to truly and authentically connect. With chocolate–and with each other. Our team gifts and experiences are meant to transform and inject inspiration, humor and spirit–whether you’re celebrating a company milestone or a holiday, or whether you just want to show your team that

you care. So hop into our eclectic chocolate playground and express your full personality, free spirit that you are!


Team Building ExperiencesIf you’re looking to truly connect your team of people and help them bring out their full, true selves–chocolate is the way to go. Cocoapunk workshops are built to connect people to themselves, to their teammates, and to their sense of curiosity and enthusiasm. We’ll explore all senses, helping your team members emerge inspired, excited, and full of spirit.


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DIY Chocolate Workshop for Kids and Adults
A unique place to blend the taste of chocolate, creativity, and fun.

Drizzle is a unique place where you can have extraordinary chocolate enjoyment. What are we talking about? Well, is a cool place where the entire family can have fun. You might wonder how? Well, is there something better than to work with chocolate, dip your hands in chocolate and see the satisfaction in your kid's eyes? That is the main reason why Chocolate fashionistas offer unique and one-of-a-kind, a DIY chocolate workshop for kids.

So what is there?

Each workshop is carefully designed and created so that it can cater to a different group of kids, as well as their parents, and is suitable for different occasions too. We offer zoom or frontal chocolate workshops for kids and their birthday parties. It is an original activity that they will remember forever, and they can also share it with their friends or family. Each workshop offers different themes such as:


1. Chocolate Fashionistas


2. Chocolate masks


3. Chocolate robots


4. Chocolate Dinosaurs


5. Decorative chocolate making


All of the courses are introduced with a playful way of presenting the chocolate, the chocolate beans, and the kids will have the opportunity to touch, smell and taste it. 


Working with chocolate and letting your kids feel that excitement is a memory that the entire family will cherish forever.  Let this amazing playtime let you be present in the moment. Enjoy it to the fullest and explore the creativity and playfulness on a whole another level. 

Contact me to hear more details and book your next birthday party activity with me.



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