Happy Holiday Season From Our Heart to Yours!

Our Holiday Season Products:

DIY Hanukkah Chocolate Kits

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights!

Soon we will all gather around the Menorah and every night at the sundown we will add another candle and another candle to the Menorah till all the 9 candles will be lit up, they’re soft light will bring so much joy into our hearts. 

For this special gathering is around the Menorah and with the spirit of this holiday at your hols, I made for you a Hanukkah DIY Chocolate Kit to make this holiday even more festive, joyful and sweet. 


DIY Hanukkah Chocolate Kits are a family and friends activity where you decorate chocolate holiday symbols and put them together to create an edible Hanukkah greeting card! 100% fun guaranteed


Each kit is packed with:

1 large chocolate shape

Chocolate chips and a pop stick

Fancy, colourful sprinkles

Edible Decor: Little dreidels-sevivonim with Hebrew letters



Tiny, cute chocolate donuts- sufganiot- to decorate your card! 



Hanukkah DIY Chocolate Craft Kit-  $35 plus tax and S&H

Shipping nationwide

Contact me to place your order for Hanukkah kits! Light up at this time of the year with fun activity and a lot of chocolate!

DIY Christmas Chocolate Greeting Card Kits

The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us! When the echoes of rush hour traffic are silenced by the joyous hums of Christmas carols, and the daily grind is halted to make way for quality time with those we love.


Create memories to remember with your nearest and dearest this year, with our Christmas DIY kits.


Packed with enough materials to create two chocolate Christmas greeting cards, bring joy to those around you by giving a gift with a personal touch. It’s a fun bonding activity for all of the family, with the added bonus of being able to indulge in all things sweet, created with love!


Each kit is packed with:


1 large chocolate shape 
This will be the base for your greeting card 

Edible image 

Chocolate chips and a pop stick

White sprinkles 

Edible Christmas Decor


Christmas DIY Chocolate Craft Kit-  $45 plus tax and S&H

Shipping nationwide

Contact me to place your order for Hanukkah kits! Light up at this time of the year with fun activity and a lot of chocolate!


Party Workshops

Perfect for birthdays, bat mitzvah parties, baby showers, bridal showers, and more!I will ship to you everything you need for the workshop and then we meet online for an interactive workshop preparing delicious and beautiful chocolate art.


Corporate Events

Virtual team-building is more important than ever these days! Bring your team together virtually with a unique activity -making edible chocolate art! I will ship each team-member everything they need for a fun, interactive chocolate-art workshop.



So much fun!!! We purchased the chocolate kit from Moran to do with our 17-month-old son. He LOVED it!! It was amazing! And as a bonus - I loved supporting a small Israeli business.


Definitely the highlight of the last few weeks was the chocolate kit I ordered from Moran. The package we received was so beautiful and inviting, and the instructions were super easy to follow. It was just so perfect!


I wanted to say THANK YOU and also recommended Moan's zoom workshop and chocolate kits! Our daughter celebrated her birthday during quarantine and we were looking for a way to celebrate with her friends from afar. Moran was super helpful and attentive. My daughter had an amazing birthday!


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